Rodrigo VanwerschRodrigo Vanwersch

Rodrigo Vanwersch

Rodrigo VANWERSCH is a self-taught man, a director of companies with a manager’s soul. He is also a perfectionist, and in many ways he is altruistic. Rodrigo has the qualifications of Lifestyle Manager, Wedding Planner and Event Organizer.


Rodrigo VANWERSCH was born on the 22nd June 1992 at 4:00pm in Pesqueira, a small town in Pernambouc state in the northeast of Brazil. He was adopted by the VANWERSCH family at two weeks old and was brought to Belgium, more specifically in the Province of Liège, at 5 weeks old.

Rodrigo is the son of Dr. Thierry VANWERSCH, born on the 24th May 1960 in Neupré, who died of liposarcoma (cancer) on the 6th August 2014 in Seraing. His father was a General Practitioner in Seraing, in the Province of Liège, Belgium. On the 30th November 1999, by order of His Majesty The King, he was awarded with the Knight’s Cross of the Order of the Crown for services rendered to the country as a doctor lieutenant. His father was himself the son of Victor VANWERSCH, an accountant in Seraing, born in 1933; and Gabrielle ROME, a housewife, born in 1934.

Rodrigo is also the son of Fabienne CONSTANT, born on the 10th April 1960 in Liège, a nurse and manager in Hospital Hygiene in Seraing, in the Province of Liège, Belgium. She is herself the daughter of Henri CONSTANT, a certified public accountant at Cockerill in Seraing, born in 1933; and Denise BRIAMONT, an inspector of the Tiercé Franco-Belge branches of bookmakers, born in 1934.


Rodrigo was a calm, kind and studious little boy. His maternal grandparents mainly educated him as his parents both lead busy professional lives. However, his mother and father brought him up to be a good listener, tolerant and open-minded.

At this young age his key interests principally revolved around the fields of literature, history and geography, and were based on the discovery of numerous castles and chateaux on educational trips with his family.

His two strongest and proudest memories are : the dance performance of the last year of primary school and the compliments that were dedicated to him, also representing the school at the national French spelling competition at the dictation of Balfroid.


During his teenage years Rodrigo devoted himself mainly, and alternately, to the two fields that he wished to excel in: his studies and dance. He passed his secondary school certificate with panache, specializing in Latin, Greek and History while also continuing his successful dance ‘journey’.

Meanwhile, Rodrigo continued with the same devotion and motivation, he alternated between his studies and dance, and then added work. These activities were all diligently monitored by his parents.

Young adult

Regarding his following studies, Rodrigo started in Communication and then gave Law a try, he finished by doing two years of teacher training in History, Geography and Social Sciences. Unfortunately, at the time he was attracted by other experiences and chose not to continue his studies. However, he did some rewarding training courses in his field such as management, coaching, communication…etc.

Rodrigo is currently taking up his studies again in order to make the most of all these years of experience, and finally obtain his degree.


After a love life with multiple failures and betrayals, Rodrigo finally met his perfect match, Laetitia.

Rodrigo married his wonderful and gentle wife, Laetitia ANGOTZI, on 13th June 2019 at Chantilly in the French department of Oise, during an intimate ceremony at the residence of the Condé Princes. Their marriage was sealed by the Belgian State on 15th June 2019 at Neupré, ten months after their extraordinary first encounter.

Laetitia ANGOTZI was born on the 28th August 1987 at Boussu, and is an educator and manager of mutual insurance agencies, daughter of Paolo ANGOTZI (entrepreneur), born on the 28th December 1960 and of Maria FALZONE (assistant accountant), born on the 20th October 1962.


Rodrigo and Laetitia became parents of a superb princess called Lily-Rose VANWERSCH, born on the 26th November 2019 at 2:58pm in Seraing, five months after their grand wedding.

Rodrigo Vanwersch

The professional

Rodrigo began his professional career when he was just 17 years old. At this point he designed and produced an event that brought together around thirty artists from various fields. At the age of 18 he created his first non-profit association with his family, it would be used for artistic promotion, the production of various events in addition to dance lessons. With this association Rodrigo went on to produce 4 other events called GAIA (International and Annual Gala of the Arts) that would gather together more than 300 artists from various fields as well as 2,500 spectators in the Province of Liège.

Following this fabulous accomplishment Rodrigo had the opportunity of setting out to explore other horizons and to set sail for the magnificent country of the United States of America. New York State issued him an O1 Visa from 2014 to 2017, the visa for foreignors who have extraordinary skills. Rodrigo also had the right to register with the Artists Guild of America and thus receive many letters of recommendation from the big names in dance. He lived in a cosy apartment in Manhattan, on the Upper West Side, and gave lessons at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio near Central Park. Shortly after he did an internship at MTEAF as a production assistant.

In 2015 he created Rovan Production, his cooperative company with limited liability and with social goals. It is intended for the production of shows, an artistic agency, the management of artists in addition to the organization of weddings. Naturally, a part of the profits was donated to the social aim of the company, which was located between the Liège region and the capital city of Brussels. During the same year Rodrigo decided to add another string to his bow as a manager, but this time as a freelancer in order to act as a consultant for certain companies.

A year later he set up another private limited company called Circle Respect Victory, dedicated to luxury concierge services, a private club for business men and women, organization of luxury events as well as the sale of VIP passes to high society events all over the world. He had the immense honor of being invited to the Cannes Festival in 2018 as well as to The Rose Ball in the presence of the Royal Family of Monaco. 

Currently, Rodrigo is still continuing his experience in this sector and hopes that new adventures will soon come his way.

Rodrigo Vanwersch

The artist, the sportsman

Rodrigo started out with swimming at five years old and continued for the following 4 years. Next came tennis for the following 2 years. During these years he also fitted in guitar lessons for 5 consecutive years. He finished this part of his life with sport dance, which he became passionate about after a trip to Andalusia. Rodrigo was hooked by what he had seen during his stay in Spain, so he started by dancing Salsa, Bachata and Merengue, and then went on to learn standard and latin dances. He first took ballroom dance lessons during 4 years (accompanied by his mother) but also tap dance lessons.

Rodrigo continued his dancing career by looking for a sports dance partner because he was dazzled by the wonderful show of dance competitions. He launched himself onto the competitive stage by taking numerous courses in order to perform in this field. Additionally, he trained in other dance forms : Classical, Hip-Hop, Latin  Jazz, Jazz, Fusion, Latin Dance, Tap Dance, Broadway, American Smooth, Latin Rhythm, and Contemporary.

Rodrigo started taking part in dance competitions during 2007 and continued throughout the following years. The competitions have been both national and international, and he has represented numerous countries such as Belgium, Russia, the United States, France and Luxembourg (his last appearance at the end of 2018).

During these years Rodrigo began to give dance lessons himself from the age of 16 and for the next ten years, and so added professional experience to his sports pathway. He obtained recognition from the general administration of culture and artistic creation of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation on the 1st January 2017 and for a period of 5 years.

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